nodejs error To upgrade from Ghost 0.4 to 0.5, the developers behind Ghost, kindly provided some documentation.

The instructions are as below:

Download the latest version of Ghost from Extract the zip file to a temporary location
Delete existing index.js and package.json then copy new index.js and package.json files to the same directory.
Next, delete the old core directory completely, and then put the new core directory in its place.
For releases which include update to Casper (the default theme), delete the old content/themes/casper directory and put the new one its place
Run npm install --production
Finally, Restart Ghost so that the changes take effect

However, when I followed these instructions, I was faced with the below - an issue with node.js

nodejs error

I tried updating node.js to ensure that wasn't an issue, which led to an issue with sqlite3.

In the end, I decided to try the steps again, without deleting first.

  1. Overwrite index.js and package.json (don't delete first)
  2. Overwrite core directory (don't delete first)
  3. Follow the rest of the instructions

This presented me with my blog again. Happy days!