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I originally started at Surrey Fitness Camps in 2009 (I think). In 6 months of 3 sessions per week, I lost around 15-17 kgs. I then stopped and over the next 3 years, steadily put on all the weight I'd lost.

At the beginning of May, I started again. I'd reached 98kgs (15.4 stone) and 22.3% body fat. This was almost the heaviest I'd ever been, not to mention carrying a lot of fat - 21kgs (ish).

Over the course of the next month, I started a new job, decided to cut down on my meals and upped the amount of circuit training I did to 3 sessions a week. Unfortunately my will power is very weak. I carried on circuits, but after a month I had lost only 1.1 kgs and my body fat percentage was unchanged. This led to the most drastic reduction in food intake I'd undertaken in over 3 years - I cut out all sweets (cookies, cake, ice-cream etc) for one whole month. My lunches were either soup or a salad with no carbs, but protein, such as a grilled salmon fillet.

Date Lean Body Fat
6th May 2014 75.9kg 21.2kg
7th June 2014 75.3kg 21.6kg
12th July 2014 79.1kg 16.4kg

My last weigh in after one month was 95.5kgs (2.5kg reduction), but my body fat percentage was only 17.1%. That's 79.1kg lean and 16.4kg fat, which is much better than two months previously, where I was 75.9 kg lean and 21.2kg fat.

For me, this is a massive achievement and one I will strike to continue. I don't feel too bad now about owning and wearing some official Surrey Fitness Camp merchandise. I feel pretty good, but there's a long way to go! Mark at Surrey Fitness Camps is a fantastic personal trainer and I couldn't recommend SFC enough! They're the reason I'm managing to lose this weight and gain muscle!

To measure weight and body fat, I use a Fitbit Aria. I also use a Fitbit Flex to measure steps, calories burned and sleep, as well as My Fitness Pal to measure calorie and nutritional intake per day. I'm extrememly honest (including that Friday curry and beers!). My Fitbit account can be found here

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