Scandinavian Kitchen is a mix of café, grocery store, bookshop and all-round cultural exchange. It also helps that the staff are lovely, always smile at you and accept your attempts at Norwegian (plus that you are Norwegian - most staff are Swedish or Danish from what I've seen, heard or asked).

My parents and I moved from Norway to the UK in the late '90s (#ProudImmigrant). I miss a lot about Norway, through my rose-tinted glasses, like the snow, the beautiful landscapes. I can't really take any of those with me, but one love that I can get is the food. We've been fortunate in that the local farm shop (Secrett's) has stocked brown cheese/gjetost for a number of years. However, other groceries - including chocolate - could only be bought on trips back to Norway or at the 17. Mai celebrations held in London once a year. That meant bulk-buying goods on every trip back. This was until Scandinavian Kitchen opened. They stock the best of the goods we miss. It's expensive, but only slightly more so than buying while in Norway.

The best chocolate ever

Something else the café has brought with it, the notion of open sandwiches. They've even been featured in newspapers.
Evening Standard Open Sandwich Picture Source: Evening Standard

Quick example: imagine you've got all the makings for a ploughman's or BLT, but instead of putting that second slice of bread on top to make it a sandwich, you leave that slice off. "Madness!" I hear you cry. It's pretty normal for me. Tasty, less carbs and less getting in the way of that gorgeous filling. Can be difficult to eat, I'll give you that, although I guess you could just put less filling on top or pålegg (topping/filling) to use the Norwegian word.

Scandinavian Kitchen have also just launched a limited edition t-shirt. It's black, with a single phrase on it - #ProudImmigrant - of which I am one. I ordered one and got it today!

Benjamin Gisvold is a #ProudImmigrant

To wrap this up, if you're in London and near Great Titchfield Street (Oxford Circus is the closest tube), fancy something different or even just a nice place to meet someone, have a coffee or lunch, pop in. They're lovely and serve good food in a nice atmosphere. What more could you want?

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