For those people who know me, will know of the last year in which I tried to remortgage with Clarion Housing (formerly Affinity Sutton).

I finally completed, thanks only to the Mortgage Advice Bureau and Breezeplus+ (solicitors for my mortgage provider).

The process started in June 2017 and completed in June 2018.

The housing association model (shared ownership) model simply does not work in this instance and has caused significant stress to me.

At the end of May 2018 I requested to start the sales process and did not receive a single reply. I had to call to find out more, with information provided not being in line with the initial contract. That's for another time though.

Open letter below.


This is further to recent conversations regarding a request for compensation to Clarion Housing regarding the remortgage process which completed on Friday 8th June, approximately 1 year after starting the initial process.

Initial mortgage expired August 2017. The first re-mortgage attempt expired in December 2017, resulting in Clarion Housing providing £1,000 in compensation for the costs of the application only which amounted to £1,000 (brokerage fees, solicitors fees, and new product fees).

Initial mortgage offer was at ~£330 per month, meaning that from September at least, I should have been paying £200 less per month than the variable rate.

Clarion Housing blamed part of the merger and the time to respond (on average 4 weeks per query from solicitors) as reasons for the compensation. Within this compensation was a provision that I would not pay any further Clarion Housing administration fees associated with further remortgages.

This compensation required a further 5 hours of calls to rectify, as it had not been applied to the account.

The second remortgage attempt failed April 30th, due to Clarion Housing have a "system outage for 4 weeks", which isn't my fault, my problem and nor does it excuse the 2 months of delays as Clarion Housing are unable to find previous notes, or respond to my solicitors regarding the second remortgage process.

This has meant, that since September, when the first remortgage was supposed to complete, I have paid an extra £200 per month (8 months = £1,600). The third mortgage product (which my mortgage advisors were able to secure, despite Clarion Housing being incapable of remortgaging a property), has added a further £13 to the cost of my mortgage per month, which means over two years I will pay an extra £312.

Total compensation requested is

  • Difference in mortgage paid due to delays introduced (£1,600)
  • Difference in mortgage product due to second failed remortgage (£312) Total: £1,912

The first complaint email regarding the second remortgage attempt was sent 27th April 2018.

This entire experience has led me to lose complete faith in Clarion Housing and begin the sales process, which in itself was delayed by 15 working days, due to no response to my initial request by Clarion Housing.

As a landlord, Clarion Housing have proven to be immoral, incompetent and not caring about their tenants in any way, shape or form. Please provide me with any and all complaints processes (internal to Clarion and external) and ensure these are able to be started with haste. I have had so much stress introduced by Clarion Housing, additional stress and no belief that I have right of quiet enjoyment of my property.

I will also be reaching out to my local council to understand how the Housing Association relationship is intended to function and to query complaint routes this way.

Yours faithfully,

Benjamin Gisvold