OnePlus One lockscreen

One of the things that's been really irritating me over the last couple of days of owning the OPO, is the lockscreen and notifications. I like having notifications on my lockscreen (as I had on my iPhone), but it seems the only way you can get notifications as in the image above, you can't have a pin or pattern security lock.

It seemed the choice was this: security or notifications. There's no way I was going to leave my phone with no security, so I consigned myself to no notications and trawling the internet to try to find the answer. I found lots of information on forums about people complaining or saying "you just need to..", none of which helped me.

Then, I found it. Cyanogenmod uses a custom lockscreen to present that nice blue one wallpaper as above. Turn that off and you get the standard Android Kitkat (4.4) lockscreen. I now have the choice of showing whatever I want on the notifcation screen.