The saga of my Mormor's recovery (Mormor = mother's mother in Norwegian) has finally turned into a positive event. The last photo I posted of her showed her in a hospital bed, from which she hadn't moved since her arrival.

She received physiotherapy and became mobile "enough" for Bowes House to take Mormor into their care in one of their NHS rooms, to undergo further physiotherapy, until she is deemed healed and stable to be in a self-sufficient environment - her home.

Mormor is now much more mobile. Apparently she managed to walk from her room, all the way to the dining room. She can even sit in chairs (as in the photo above). We're really pleased and extremely impressed with the staff at Bowes House.

Still shocked to find out, if we were to place Mormor there full time, it'd cost..let's just say it'd cost a lot.