Since I started my weight loss journey at the start of April, I've become more attuned to the differing units of measure used when describing weight.

The UK is supposedly using a metric system for measure, but when it comes to measure weight for weight loss, as a country, we seem to use pounds and ounces or stone.

1 Kilogram = 0.157 stone = 2.205 pounds and ounces.

I think we still use this because when you're losing weight, the "bigger" the number for lost weight, the better it can sound/feel.

I started at 98.8 kilograms (15.558 stones / 217.817 pounds)
I'm now 85.7 kilograms (13.495 stones / 188.936 pounds)

This means I've lost, so far:
13.1 kilograms
2.063 stones
28.881 pounds
13,100 grams (which sounds the most awesome, right?)

Using the above, why wouldn't everyone quote the grams they've lost to feel better? Personally, I'm happy with kilos, as they're what I'm used to.

Plus just being able to fit into old clothes and feel better about myself are the key thing here!