Lab is the company I work for - a forward-thinking company with huge ambitions, backed by awesome people. They're also really into their brand marketing.

As employees, we now have items to take with us / keep / use which are pretty neat. I've split the three items into three categories: Work useful, personal useful and funny.

Work Useful, the "Lab" notebook. Not only can you write notes in it, you can show off the company you work for when you're talking to client.
lab notebook

Personal useful, the breath mints. Are you about to head into a client meeting and you had a curry for lunch? No worries, use these mints.
lab mints

Funny, the "Lab" lightbulb / stress buster. You can play with them or throw them at colleagues. Or leave them on your desk...

(Picture still to come!)

Small things, which help brighten up the office or make you feel part of the team. Also great to show clients - you're representing a digital agency afterall..!