I got an email from Klout today, saying that my score had gone up. Klout isn't something I actively measure, but apparently over the last few days, it's jumped 15 points.

If anyone knows, what does it mean for a real life situation? Klout define the number (mine is now 57) as the below, taken from Klout Score:
The Klout Score is a number between 1-100 that represents your influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.

Influence is defined as:
Influence is the ability to drive action. When you share something on social media or in real life and people respond, that’s influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.

And then a final bit about the scoring - it's all about how engaging Klout believes your posts to be, across your social media.
The majority of the signals used to calculate the Klout Score are derived from combinations of attributes, such as the ratio of reactions you generate compared to the amount of content you share. For example, generating 100 retweets from 10 tweets will contribute more to your Score than generating 100 retweets from 1,000 tweets. We also consider factors such as how selective the people who interact with your content are. The more a person likes and retweets in a given day, the less each of those individual interactions contributes to another person's Score. Additionally, we value the engagement you drive from unique individuals. One-hundred retweets from 100 different people contribute more to your Score than do 100 retweets from a single person.

So. I still want to know, what does this mean for real life?