While writing my blog post on Scandi Kitchen on the train home, I discovered an issue with the Notes app for the iPad. You effectively have a character/line limit, before the text is obscured by the keyboard. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't get the screen to continue scrolling while typing.

I may invest in a Markdown editor for iOS anyway if I want to start working on blog posts while travelling. "Why Markdown?" I may year you ask. The Ghost blogging platform is built to use Markdown for all data input. I'm still getting my head around most of it, but the basics are relatively easy to learn. You can type out standard text and it'll act like a P tag, automatically add breaks etc.

The only time you need to learn bits and pieces is for headings, adding images and photo grids. Beyond that, there's a built in markdown helper and full documentation all over the inter webs. Basics below anyway.

For images, you need to type:
![image alt text](/image/path)

Headings have different amounts of hashtags prior to the word/phrase. Line breaks act as stops to heading tags.

Anyway. Time to invest in an editor. I've already hit the character/line limit in the Notes app. I can't even see what I'm typing at the moment.

Since writing this on the train, I've bought Byword for both my iPad and my Mac. Didn't solve the iPad issue, but is a lovely writing interface, which even has Markdown support.