Yesterday (31st October), I finally bought the (Series 2) Nike+ Edition Apple Watch. Yes, that's the product name.

Apple Watch Nike Edition Image credit: Apple

It's been 1.5 days of use so far and in short, I'm loving it. I'm not sure if the novelty will wear off or if it's like my original view on mobile data; not sure it's something I'll use to then "how did I live before mobile data". I like being connected throughout my working day, but also have a separation between personal and work. Even better, I'm nearing the end of my first, full day of watch useage. I took the watch off charge at 05:40 this morning and as of writing (21:10), the watch is at 68% battery remaining. I'd say it's had moderate useage, with notifications coming throughout the day and even using the "Scribble" feature to reply to a couple of messages.

The first thing I did when I got my Apple Watch was to ensure I did not connect it to my work phone or work accounts in any way, shape or form. My watch is going to be for my personal life only and to remind me of everything that's not work. I can easily sift through any notifications, for example, who has messaged me, is it family, my girlfriend, friends, others. Effectively, is it worth me taking my phone out of my pocket, can it wait until later or ignore until I'm on the train home?

For work related phone calls, I now get those notifications on my Fitbit Charge HR. I don't want to see in-depth work-related notifications outside of work; I get enough of that during what can, at times, be long work days.

All of the watch faces... Image Credit: Daring Fireball

The second thing I did was do the updates. I can resist playing long enough as I know there will always be a "day 1" patch while the physical product has been in a box on the shelf. The same applies for almost any blockbuster video game or even new cars.

Third, get the watch setup for the main reason I bought this watch instead of a Garmin Forerunner 235; running! Over the last year, my method for achieving weight loss, combatting stress and also dealing with depression, has been to run and be able to monitor how I am progressing in terms of distance run and time taken. To date, that has meant a steady progression from:
- carrying my phone in my hand - buying an armband for my phone and plugging some headphones in - buying bluetooth headphones - buying some other bluetooth headphones (Mpow Cheetah) - trying several apps (Adidas miCoach, Fitbit, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava)

The final step was to find a way to not have to strap on a phone and be able to run out of the door without having to add any extra tech, leading to the decision: Garmin or wait and hope the next Apple Watch had onboard GPS. After reading several reviews once the Apple Watch was released, I clearly made that jump. Why not spend double the money of a Garmin Forerunner on an Apple Watch?

Nike Run app on Apple Watch Series 2 Image credit: Engadget

Suffice to say, even though the Strava app (my current favourite running app) didn't seem to detect the onboard GPS and I had to switch to the Nike+ running app, my first run was a complete success in terms of using the watch in place of my phone. All of the notifications and other integrations with my iPhone are just massive bonuses.

1.5 days in, £399 lighter and no regrets. The watch does what I want it to, has plenty of customisation options out of the box and a wealth of apps which can be installed. Now I just need to justify the cost of the iPhone 7 Plus...

Header image credit: Apple