I don't know how other people interact with social networks, but I use different networks for showing different people, different things about me.

Facebook is my most well-rounded, but not everything. My profile is locked and only my "friends" can see what I post.

Twitter is where I share my blog posts. These are public facing and my name is attached to them. This is my expression of my geekier side. It's also a fantastic way to get through to corporations when phone calls haven't worked.

Instagram, a complete mix of "I just wanted to take the picture for the sake of it" and also "I wanted to show how artistic I can be". My creative side. Public facing.

LinkedIn. I post work relevant pieces only. Look at what my current and old colleagues are doing. Jobs. That's it.

deviantArt is much more selective and not used as much as I'd like. It's a true expression. I've written my attempts at poetry. I've placed best and worst photos and they show an evolution of my photography.

Tumblr. Reserved for the deepest expression of what I am feeling. Be that the heigh of happiness or the depth of despair. Nobody I know, knows my Tumblr account. I've posted one picture. My name appears nowhere. This is my "private" space, shared with strangers.

Pinterest, the best place for just browsing pictures of everything and anything. Pin it, tag it, pass it on. I have my boards and the favourites for me are the wacky or new DIY projects and the photography you can find. Outstanding!

If you read this and you do the same or if you do something completely different, then reply. Comment. Whatever it is, let me know.