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15% Off A Small Orange Hosting

This is our Standard A Small Orange Coupon which gives 15% off the first invoice, so sign up for longer for more savings.
Expires: Never Expires

$5 Off A Small Orange Hosting

This is our Standard A Small Orange Coupon which gives 15% off the first invoice, so sign up for longer for more savings.
Expires: Never Expires

A guide to using these code can be found below, or by visiting the site from which I stole the entire guide below - Best Host News

How to use the A Small Orange Coupons

In order to assist you in using our A Small Orange Coupons we have included some detailed instructions to help ensure that you make the best savings possible. We usually have two coupons available, one for 15% off, and one for $5 off. In addition you may find that we have additional offers from time to time, for even better savings so it is always worth keeping an eye out.

1. Click the required A Small Orange Discount Above:

To use the A Small Orange coupons simply click the required coupon above, and it will copy the code to your clipboard, and take you to A Small Orange’s website. At the checkout, simply right click in the coupon box and paste the code above. To easily paste the coupon into the relevant box, you can either do [shift][Ins], or [Ctrl][v] as these will paste the coupon into the relevant box (see step 5 below).

2. Choose your hosting plan

If all you need is a simple website then select the SHARED plan. If you need something else, then you probably already know what you are looking for. If you are in any doubt, their online chat support is really good, and they will be able to advise. There are two steps to get to the list of shared plans. First click on “Find your Perfect Plan”


Then click on “Find out More” under the relevant service you require. In this case we shall look at their Shared Hosting plans.


Once clicked the button above it will take you to a list of the different Shared Plans. You should note the difference in costs, number of domains etc. If all you have is one site, simply go for the Tiny plan and upgrade as required. If you are thinking of getting one of the larger plans you may want to consider reading our Hostnine Review. Hostnine is their sister site with the same support infrastructure. Note that you will be able to easily upgrade in the future should you wish to do so. If you only need the Tiny Plan, A Small Orange is slightly cheaper than Hostnine.


3. Enter your domain information

The next stage is to enter your domain information. We recommend only to purchase hosting and use Name Cheap to purchase domains. However, there are options here to register a new domain or transfer a domain from your existing registrar.


4. Choose your billing period

We recommend that you choose to pay yearly, as it works out considerably cheaper. Not only will you get a discount for paying yearly, but you will get our A Small Orange Coupon discount on top of this. In addition you can choose a website location.


5. Enter your A Small Orange Coupon Code

The most important part is to enter one of the A Small Orange Coupons to ensure you get additional money off your purchase. Enter the coupon in the box shown, and click validate code. If you had clicked on the Coupon above, it will have automatically copied the Coupon Code to the clipboard, so all you need to do is click in the box and press [shift][Ins], or [Ctrl][v], or alternatively in your browser menu select [edit] and then [paste].


6. Continue to Checkout.

Arrange payment for your services. In our experience you will get an immediate email confirming the purchase, and within an hour or two you will receive details of your hosting account, although in many cases it will be much quicker.

If you have any questions at all whilst signing up for A Small Orange, feel free to contact the A Small Orange Support, as they really are very helpful and you will usually be able to speak to someone on their live chat within a few seconds.

Overview of A Small Orange

If you are not familiar with A Small Orange you may want to read our Review here. Essentially, A Small Orange are one of our Recommended hosts primarily due to their excellent support. They have a variety of hosting plans, including a very cheap “Tiny” plan, so you can get yourself online for next to nothing, and upgrade as required.

A Small Orange, like their sister company “Hostnine” have a great upgrade path especially with their affordable VPS plans. Their shared hosting uses SSD’s so it very responsive. They also offer you a 45-day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their service, so you can try out their service without obligation. Truly a great host, and definitely worth while taking advantage of our A Small Orange Coupons.