Hootsuite is a really neat little tool. The free version lets you post to and display up to three social media accounts, with the paid version extending that to 100 accounts.

I currently have Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as my selected social media accounts with which I share these blog posts.

You have a number of options when posting across the social media
1. A description (with character limits displayed for each social channel)
2. A URL shortener (the free version uses the "owl.ly" URL for all of your posts. Vanity URLs can be used if you pay for them.
3. Scheduling - immediately, at a set time or auto-schedule.

The bit I'm interested in is the auto-schedule feature. It's described as the way to post, as it's optimised to display at the highest-peak times for each social media channel. This roughly equates to 09:00, 12:00 and 17:30. The times you're given depend on when you add your post to Hootsuite.

The screenshot at the top of this post shows when I added articles after 12:00 and what I deem to be a slight issues - you end of spamming your social media over the course of an hour. This could of course be tackled by setting times yourself rather than being lazy...