The day has finally come. As of 1st September 2017, I will be a member of Home House in London. Home House is a private members club with a twist - it's very, very relaxed. Yes, it's a club, but, do you want to come in, in shorts? Go for it. Have a work meeting in one of the rooms? Sure. The House rules are very short and centre more around members being polite to each other and staff. I think that's fair enough!

One of the restaurants at Home House

Tor (pappa) has been a member for a number of years and I was able to use his membership on my application as a reference. I submitted my application in early August and found out today (Friday 17th August 2017) that I had been accepted as a member. The kicker here - I'm counted as a Young Member as I'm under-35. I'm completely OK with that. It makes it considerably cheaper to be a member at Home House.

I wanted to join for three main reasons:

  • Social
  • Work
  • Gym

Home House garden

As a place to meet with friends and family, it's second to none. Whatever mood you're in, there's space here. If you want relaxed, futuristic, cosy, dance. It's there.

For work, the environment is nice, quiet, comfortable and the wifi is fantastic. And you're not in the office!

There's also a gym! My membership of Home House is cheaper than the cost of a membership at Bank Virgin Active! Damn site nicer too.

I can't wait to start my membership here :)

Home House Gym

All imagery used in this post is taken from Home House's London Website