I came off the health bandwagon hard. Christmas was the start of my re-addiction to sugar and I jumped on the sugar loaded foods (chocolate, cakes etc) like they were laced with crack.

It started off small. A piece of carrot cake. One turned into two. I managed at two. After a couple of days, I wanted some more, so of course, I had some more. This was the start of the spiral.

Throughout December to beginning of March, I have been craving something sugary every day. On top of this, I've been working longer days or getting back late in the evening, which has meant my running schedule has taken a severe hit. My weight hasn't exceeded 80kg (which I hit in February), however my fat percentage has varied from 11% to 13.7% (this morning).

Fitbit Weight Log

It's been a continuing trend. The dip at the end of the above image is where I've been paying better attention to my diet in the last 2 weeks to try to reduce my weight and bodyfat.

As of Monday this week (7th) I have asked my girlfriend for help to ensure I stick to my new schedule:

  • Every morning I do
    • 30 sit up crunches
    • 10 side-crunches
    • 20 press-ups
    • weigh myself using my Fitbit Aria
  • During the day, I log my food intake (I'm more interested in my protein vs carbs/fats percentage) on myfitnesspal.
  • Every evening, I use weights to do
    • 20 bicep curls (8.5kg per arm)
    • 20 squats with above-head-lift (17kg across two arms)
    • 20 sit up crunches with 8.5kg dumbbell on chest

Trying to only eat natural sugar products such as satsumas, bananas etc.

Interestingly, almost as a side note, I added my lunch, which I made up yesterday, to myfitnesspal, as a recipe. It works really well and provides a nice little "per portion" outline of the nutrients you're taking in. It's work having a go!

myfitnesspal recipe

Disclaimer: I have never used drugs which are not medically prescribed.