I'm back on the band-wagon. How I got to be back isn't great - break-ups absolutely suck! - but I'm back and I'm losing weight.

In the last week I've lost an - unhealthy - 3.5kgs. Realistically, I believe the most you should look to lose is around 0.8kg per week, for it to stay off and to not harm your body...but this is going to have to do.

This is mostly down to healthier eating - cut out the non-fruit-based snacks, chocolate, dessert in general - and calorie counting (Myfitnesspal) the shit out of what I eat. I've also started up running again, tracking it with Runkeeper and my Fitbit Charge HR. Back to Surrey Fitness Camps boot camps as well. However tired I feel. If I'm not dying or seriously ill, I'll go. I may not perform at 100% (or even 80%..), but at least it's better than sitting on my ass at home.

On top of that, since the break-up, my heart rate has sat between 80-95 BPM instead of my usual resting HR of 55-65 BPM. Burning fat while I'm sitting still - go stress!

Some graphs below and the links to various tracking apps:

Still a long way to go (11kgs / 8% body fat) to target, but definitely a good start #weightloss #training #eatright #fitbit

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Day 3, got to start somewhere! Want to lose weight so taking it seriously. Could have done without the two "love lost" songs though. Thanks iTunes..! #workout #training #weightloss

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