Hackintosh - Big changes (for me..)

I built my Hackintosh in 2015. Putting together the components wasn't difficult, but getting Mac OS Yosemite installed and running smoothly was a lot more time consuming. Not to mention getting Windows working as I wanted it to.

I was heavily reliant on Tony Mac x86 and the fantastic community there.

5 years on and I've made two changes, which have made what might seem small, but a huge difference for me.

  • I moved away from the GeForce GTX 970 to the MSI Radeon RX 580, but this was due to compatibility with macOS
  • Removed my original pure-Multibeast install and got Clover installed (currently as of writing)
  • Installed multiple macOS updates - Catalina was very painful. This will be a separate post.
  • Changed my Wi-Fi card to enable AC Wi-Fi and bluetooth

Small things, big consequences.

  1. I can now use macOS and my display (hassle with GeForce)
  2. Using Clover has enabled me to use all iCloud services, including hand-off, iMessages (which was the biggest niggle for me)
  3. Removed my old "N" Wi-Fi card, got AC and removed the need for a Bluetooth USB Dongle. Since using the Fenvi T919, I can actually use bluetooth headphones on Zoom calls. I could manage without before, but with Lockdown this became a massive impediment.

Massive thanks to the TonyMacx86 community (in particular P1LGRIM for the iMessage Idiot's Guide and Hackintosher for another iMessage / iCloud fix guide) and the buyer's guide for the Fenvi T919.

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