We live in a world of smart phones. They give us content on demand.

We're hungry for this content, be it from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or from news outlets - BBC, Engadget etc - or anywhere else.

It isn't just for media that our phones are useful. We can take gorgeous pictures and post them everywhere for our friends - and strangers - to see. There are thousands of apps available on a variety of market places - games, utitlities, content feeds.

This ferocious appetite for content and instant gratification can sometimes lead to a problem. Power.

Smart phones are great, but I believe a lot of us see the dreaded red light of doom, indicating we need to find a power outlet quickly. For this, I always carry around one of my iPhone Lightning cables and a small battery of some kind. Sometimes I use my laptop as a large battery pack.

The issue with carrying a battery pack around is that they tend to be bulky or heavy if you want to get more than one full charge out of them. Some companies, such as Powertraveller make awesome batteries and other accessories, but they're pretty pricey. I do have one of their Powermonkey Extremes though. Who doesn't love a solar panel and battery pack all-in-one? However, if price is an issue, then Anker has come to your rescue.

I recently discovered Anker had a sale on Amazon. Astonishingly you can get a 5,200mAh battery for just £10.01. Not sure where the penny is from, but I'm not going to quibble about that. This beauty should give me 2 full charges of my iPhone 6. That's enough for a couple of days out of the office or away from somewhere with a wall socket. Pictures of the "unboxing" below.

Thanks for choosing Anker They even say thank you for choosing the company. How sweet.

Out of the box It comes with 80% charge so you can even use it straight out-of-the-box, which is pretty awesome!

Trademarks and stuff Just to let you know about the product..

Finally, there's two comments on this card. If you're happy, there are a load of links and social media for you to go to. If you're not, there's a load of information on what you can do to help them improve your experience. Awesome work guys!