I have to be completely honest, I stole this idea from a friend, but I've gone with separate questions after Googling for some examples :)

Generic questions

  1. Are you named after anyone?
    Only my middle name, which is "Toralf". This is a combination of two of my great-grandparents name's (I think).

  2. When was the last time you cried?
    Sadly, last night. I won't go into the detail.

  3. Do you have kids?
    Nope, but I'm looking forward to the day I have one, or two

  4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
    I'm honestly not sure. I generally think I'm a nice person most of the time, but I know I'd be a difficult person to be friends with in winter.

  5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
    Oh yeah. Sometimes too much.

  6. Will you ever bungee-jump?
    It's a great fear I have, so yes.

  7. What’s your favourite cereal?
    Oats/porridge as boring as that may sound!

  8. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
    Their eyes and the shape of their face.

  9. What is your eye colour?

  10. Scary movie or happy endings?
    I love watching scary movies with people, but get nightmares afterwards..!

  11. Favourite smells?
    Freshly-cracked black pepper, oregano, a certain girl's perfume

  12. Summer or winter?
    Winter. I don't particularly like being hot (except saunas) and I love the feeling of being snuggled up under the duvets in a duvet-cocoon.

  13. Computer or television?
    Computer – I can watch TV on the computer anyway! Plus I'm a bit of computer geek.

  14. What’s the furthest you've ever been from home?
    California on holiday. However far that is!

  15. Do you have any special talents?
    I don't really think I have any talents which set me apart from other people.

  16. Where were you born?
    Trondheim, Norway

  17. What are your hobbies?
    Blogging, reading, listening to music, kayaking, walking (mountains!), photography, playing guitar and singing (where no-one can hear me).

  18. Do you have any pets?
    My parents have two cats...which I count as mine, except when there's a vet bill.

  19. Favourite movie?
    I don't have any one favourite thing, I have several! The first Matrix, Roman Holiday, Fifth element...they're the ones that came to mind!

  20. Do you have any siblings?
    None by blood

  21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I'd like to be able to be someone and something that can help others, no matter their situation. The question didn't stipulate if it had to be feasible or not... :)

  22. Do you have a middle name?

  23. What was your favourite subject in school?

  24. What’s your favourite drink?
    Iced water

  25. Favourite song at the moment?
    Be Still My Heart by Silje Nergaard

  26. What would you name your children?
    I honestly don't know. I would want to make sure that whatever name was chosen, it could be said in Norwegian, but also I want it to reflect the mother's culture and background. Something plain mixed with the exotic.

  27. Do you participate in any sports?
    I don't at the moment. I go to boot-camps, if that counts? I used to play rugby for my local team and jiu jitsu at university.

  28. Favourite Book?
    Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
    Orcs by Mary Gentle
    Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (and picked up by Brandon Sanderson)
    A whole load more - I love to read.

  29. Favourite Colour?
    Dark blue

  30. Favourite Animal?

  31. Favourite after-shave?
    Boss Sport (black)

  32. Favourite holiday?
    I once took a trip to Brighton, which changed my life for a couple of years. It was the first time I'd been away, in a holiday rental flat with a girl.

  33. Have you got a degree?
    I've got a BSc in Business Management

  34. Have you been out of the Country?
    Plenty of time. Working my way around the continents. Next country I'm going to visit it Japan, in July for three weeks.

  35. Do you speak any other Languages?
    Norwegian, Swedish and a smattering of German

  36. What’s your favourite store?
    Amazon for convenience. I love the large Waterstone's book store in Piccadilly, London.

  37. Favourite Restaurant?
    Matsuri, St James and Food For Thought in Coven Garden (although I've never been able to eat there as it's always been full!)

  38. Did you like school?
    In hindsight, yes. I found school hard, but it was a fantastic experience and I truly miss seeing my friends every day. I've lost touch with most of the people I went to school with, but there's a core group that haven't changed.

  39. Favourite YouTubers?
    Markiplier and Smosh games

  40. Favourite TV show?
    Too many to count! Big Bang Theory, Stargate (original), The Mentalist, Madame Secretary, Vice and much more.

  41. PC or Mac?
    Mac for everything, PC for gaming. I have built a hackintosh to be able to do both easily!

  42. What phone do you have?
    128gb iPhone 6

  43. How tall are you?
    183cm / 6ft 0'

Personal Questions:

  1. What do you order at Starbucks?
    Black Americano. I used to get strawberry frappuccino's, but turns out you get fat ordering a few of those a week and being an office worker with minimal exercise!

  2. One thing in your room you cannot live without?
    Whatever holds and can play my music and store/show my photos. I have so many memories tied to these and I don't want to lose them.

  3. What’s one thing most people probably don’t know about you?
    I'm fairly open about myself now, even with my depression, but I don't think many people know that I contemplated suicide, which is what lead me to get help, see a professional and eventually be diagnosed in 2008.
    I'm mostly OK now ;) I still have my dark moments, where I struggle, but I get through with help from those closest to me.

  4. Name one thing you want to do before you die:
    Face all of my fears

  5. What’s one food you cannot live without?
    Any food. You need food to live. I think I'd be pretty upset if I couldn't eat fish anymore.

  6. What quote/phrase do you live by?
    I don't have a single quote I live by. I try to follow the Scout Law which has always seemed good.
    I find quotes that I like and I put them in a Pinterest board now, as I can usually relate to them in some way.

  7. What’s your most listened to song on iTunes?
    I'll have to find out when I get home. I tend to get obsessed with one song at a time and play it to death.

  8. What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
    Non-existent..! I'm trying to be more "fashionable", but you'll still see me going back to cargo-trousers and a mismatching shirt every now and then.

  9. Favourite number?
    My favourite number has changed over my life (as it should!). At the moment, it's the number 18, which relates to a date in 2013.

  10. Two Pet Peeves?
    Over-use of the "erm" and "like" in sentences while speaking
    People playing loud music out of bad headphones, especially in "quiet zones" on trains.

  11. Guilty Pleasures?
    I don't think I have a single pleasure that I consider to be "guilty". I don't hide things from people :) I like what I like and that's it.

  12. Finally, are you in a relationship?
    I'm single unfortunately!

Questions stolen and adapted from:
Ysis Lorenna and Beauty Reviews and Things