Fitbit acquired by Google (Alphabet)

This is fairly big news.

Fitbit is being bought for roughly $2.1 billion ($7.35 per share) and will, according to Fitbit, remain platform agnostic despite the acquisition. This could very well be the point that we will see a dedicated Google Pixel Watch(?) released. After the issues in earlier years between Fitbit and Apple, it seemed likely that if Fitbit were ever to look for a buyer, Google would probably come knocking.

This has a bit of a personal nostalgia for me. My first ever wearable was a Fitbit One, followed by a Fitbit Flex (1) and Fitbit Charge HR (1). At that point, the jump was made to the second generation Apple Watch and despite looking at Fitbit's products as I wanted sleep-tracking, I couldn't justify going back. I even traded in my Fitbit Aria smart scales for the Withings Cardio+ when I needed a set of scales to work on my wifi.

I can only hope that Google's influence will better the Fitbit wearable lineup, even if that may come at the cost of Wear OS being superimposed over Fitbit's own OS.

Source: Fitbit

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