It's been a very busy time for me over the last few months, which is why there have been so few posts.

First thing I decided to do when I wanted to get back to the blog, was to change the URL structure as "" was annoying me - too long, not particularly SEO friendly (not that I try that much!) and generally not what I had wanted. So I made the switch to "" and started the setup process.

Unfortunately, this caused a few issues. Softoculous is the installer I use through CPanel to install anything on my servers, apart from custom development e.g. Commerce Guys implementation of Drupal 7. What I hadn't realised, is that Softoculous was replacing the location for the site to be found in the root directory and therefore knocking out my existing blog (where I had content and wanted to copy it from) as well as this site.

Luckily, I have a dad who is unbelievably good at tech (Tor Gisvold - he is very good..!), who helped me understand the role of .htaccess files and a few other things. So I'm back up-and-running, but with no images. They will come once I copy them across within the server...This also includes the theme (bhoot) instead of Casper which is the default Ghost theme, not that it's bad though!

Anyway. I'm going to go onto another post now all about HEALTH!