After my hospital visit on Friday, I didn't want this to become a reason to give up my exercise. I'd started something and I didn't want to stop. I just had to be gentle for a while. I'm still getting dizzy when standing up and walking and my chest hurts - not good things.

My aim: 30 minutes of jogging with minor breaks to prevent heart rate going into peak, followed by strength exercises.

I managed the 30 minutes (just), which according to the treadmill was 4km. A lot slower than I have been, but I needed to take the breaks. I was also keeping an eye on my Fitbit to let me know if I was going into my peak heart rate or not. At 4km, I felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest, so I stopped and went onto strength training.

60 of each:
30 seconds plank
30 seconds plank climbers (not sure what the real name is).

Felt like crap, so I stopped. Results from Fitbit are below. 499 calories burned, didn't enter peak at all!