Brave: a Chrome-based browser

Brave is a browser built for speed, privacy and rewards, using Chrome as a base. In short, that means as a user you don't lose the workflow, shortcuts or user experience you're used to in Chrome, but you gain speed and privacy.


This is going to be short - I don't know how much faster Brave really is, compared with the other mainstream browsers out there, but as the main image shows, Brave keeps track of speed to load sites vs other browsers.


This is the biggest pull-factor for me to switch my browser. Over the last 6 months, I've moved my personal web-browsing to Firefox and retained my work-based browsing in Google Chrome. The main reason for the latter: I'm used to Chrome and my previous employer used G-Suite (still my favourite productivity suite for work). Now that I've changed jobs and my new employer uses Office 365 (not my cup of tea, personally), I've moved my personal browsing to Brave and my work-based-browsing to Firefox.

Brave gives you some options when you first start:

  1. Do you want to block ads?
  2. Do you want to block cookies and third-party scripts?

These are managed through the "Brave Shield". The only thing it doesn't block are the pre-approved "Brave" ads, for which you get some part of the commission earned by Brave, measured in Brave Rewards (BAT). These have a $ equivalent (roughly $0.02 per 0.1 BAT).

Every website you visit, provides a drop-down on what cookies have been blocked and options specifically aimed at that page. Visiting Google or even my own blog, provides the below information.

Finally, mixing this with the use of Duck Duck Go instead of Google Search, gives most privacy-focused people the peace-of-mind they need. If you want further extremes, you'd probably end up looking at TOR, running on an install of Tails.

In conclusion..

I've only used Brave for a short time (two weeks), however I'm fairly confident I will stick with the browser combo I have at the moment, keeping Chrome only for official testing of websites. I'll update if things go awry or how I've found it over time...and the scary amount of stats it starts giving. 3,530 trackers blocked as of today, after 2 weeks of use.

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