bitdefender mac

I posted the below to my friend's on Facebook after suffering some issues with the AV (anti-virus) installed on my Macbook Pro Retina as this was the only way I could use my Mac for work (connect by VPN into the office when at home etc). If you read this...and you have an opinion / can help, comment in the Disqus box below.

Question to my friends with Mac's: have any of you got AV on your machines?

Bitdefender suffered a hang, couldn't get it to restart.

force-quit (process tries to start again, hangs)
terminal; launchctl stop + unload

In the end, went for the "turn it off and on again" - caused the entire machine to become unresponsive.

Reboot into single user, run /sbin/fsck -fy to check that way, finds some corrupt data and fixes.

Aside from causing my computer to crash, Bitdefender:
Reduced battery power off-charge from 8 hours to 3 hours
Suddenly 6gb of RAM is wired / active, instead of 1-2gb usual use on boot

Just wanted to see if this was common to AV on Macs (which I know is shoddy at the best of times).