Updated 13th August 2017 with a lot of strikethroughs

This post is all about me.

The picture at the top of the post is me, holding Kimberley, a daughter of one of my friends. She's adorable.

Back to me.


At time of writing (29th April 2015), I'm 25 and a half almost 28. I'm 183cm (6ft), I have hazel eyes, brown hair, sometimes feature a goatee and finally, I'm 89.5kg (14.3 stone) 81kg.

I was born in Norway, where I stayed for around 7 years, before moving with my parents to England. I've only moved away from the South-East once, to be in Exeter, Devon (South-West), but am back again. Waiting on my house to finish being built before moving about 20 minutes away from my parents.

Recently single due to family issues (not mine) my fuckup.

What I consider to be my hobbies has changed somewhat recently, with the above information. I still love to read, listen to music, spend time with friends and go for long walks. The changes have been along the lines of:
1. Writing - blog posts like this one
2. Photography - actually taking photos and editing them. Examples of my portfolio Note, this didn't get moved across when I did my server upgrade. My bad
3. Coding - minor CSS re-learning
4. Health-kick - eating better and posting
5. Exercise - more exercise and posting it. Although this has taken a back-step while I get my heart and brain checked after some issues I'm all good now :D.


I'm working at Lab Vaimo as a lead project manager with a heavy Scrum influence. I've been working at Lab Vaimo for almost two years.

There have been a mix of clients, using Drupal, Magento and Sitecore. Some are standalone information sites, others are e-commerce. The development methodology used has predominantly been Waterfall (Prince 2), although every project I do, I inject more Scrum (Agile) working methods.

I'll look to delete all of that later. Safe to say, Vaimo is Magento only (and now steadily moving everything to Magento 2), a Global Elite Partner (meaning we're one of 5 top Magento agencies in the world and the development process is almost entirely Agile (Scrum / Lean) while the surrounding process is Waterfall.


As far as professional qualifications go, I'm a Certified Scrum Master and have been practising since 2010. Looking to get PMI PMP shortly and AWS Associate.
Education: Upper Second Business Management BSc from The University of Surrey

Voluntary work

I've been involved in Scouting since I was 8 years old. When I turned 18, I became an Explorer Scout Leader for the Eagles Explorer Scout Unit. At 23, I moved to Exeter and became an Assistant Leader for the Isca Explorer Scout Unit.

Since then, I've become the District Explorer Scout Commissioner for Godalming. Although that has been a post in which I have done far too little, something that I am trying to rectify. I traded this in to be an Assistant Scout Leader with 4th Godalming Scouts. I'm now much happier and more likely to stay in Scouting than at the time I gave up my DESC role.

I also regularly volunteer at the University of Surrey open days as an Alumni. Sometimes this means showing prospective students around, other times I help at the subject stands (Business Management).


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