A friend of mine just shared the link to the Polaroid CUBE which looks like a GoPro Hero contender.

Compared with the GoPro Hero, the CUBE is cheaper for the same camera specification ($99.99 vs $129.99), but it doesn't come with the adhesive mounts, which are sold separately. One thing Polaroid are claiming is that the magnetic base of the CUBE can hold it to other CUBEs or metallic surfaces.

The CUBE films in 1080/720p, takes stills at 6MP and with the right SD Card, 90 minutes of recording. The only thing I think is missing is the brand reputation. Polaroid aren't claiming their camera or case is nigh on indestructible.

GoPro contender - Polaroid CUBE

However, for $30 cheaper, with a certain charm and colours (unlike GoPro's utilitarian look) and much the same functionality and pricing of accessories, I think this is going to be snapped up by the more budget and style conscious shoppers out there.

CUBE accessories

The accessories available are appealing. Polaroid have provided standard kits, for example, the suction and bike mounts, but there's a part of me that loves the idea of the monkey stand. It's a stand which produces a childish glee in me.

Well worth a look!

If you're in the UK, you can buy the CUBE on Amazon