I'm pleasantly surprised by my "standard use" battery test on the Apple Watch Series 2.

Starting yesterday at 05:30, the watch had been charging all night and was at 100%. Over the course of the day, I've got notifications coming in, I'm replying to a mix of iMessages, Telegram messages and whatsapp messages. The replies were from the generic responses provided by Apple, scribbles, emotes and heart beats.

At the end of the day, the watch was at 52% battery. Based on that, I kept the watch on overnight with a silent alarm set for the morning.

I started the day with 50% battery and pretty much did the same as Tuesday. I've just got home from work, it's 00:15 (almost 43 hours) and the watch is at 16%. Low power mode hasn't been turned on once.

I have no doubts that going for a run with GPS would put a serious dent in the battery life, but I now at least know that the watch should function, without low power mode, for around 48 hours straight. Apple have certainly surpassed the claimed 18 hour battery life!

I still want 7 days like my Fitbit Charge HR, but I'll survive on 2 days ;)