At 17:45 today (29/11/2016), our vet came round to put Aasti to sleep. She held on for 25 minutes, having to be given two injections. A fighter to the end.

Aasti was 21 human years old, which is extrememly old in cat years! She's been stubborn to the end, battling:

  • her allergies to everything (including humans and herself) since she was 12, when we were told she only had 4 more years due to the medication she'd need (9 years later...)
  • temporary blindness caused by high blood pressure a year ago
  • the last 4 months where aggressive bone cancer has eroded her ability to move

One of the final pictures of her, I think shows her happy but with a giant lump. It was horrible to see her being put to sleep, but I know it was the best thing for her.


Even though we didn't have the best start (I was terrified of Aasti until I was 8 as she could be a bit feisty), she started gluing herself to me whenever I was sick. Soon after, I could call her in my own way and she'd come running. She'd "meow" as she ran towards me, I could always pick her up, she's always find a way to appear in my lap and push laptops, books or food away from me so that she had my entire attention.

She'd been "my" cat for almost two decades. I'm going to miss her so much, but I know this was the best thing for her.

There's a small gallery below of some of my favourite pictures of Aasti, and a couple of Karli. The two cats I've known the longest and have been a huge part of my life.

Pets are funny things. They become completely integrated to your life, you give them a lot of love and attention even though you know they won't be around forever. I still wouldn't change a thing. I firmly believe I will always want to have cats.


This is my lap now


Finally, Godalming Veterinary Surgery are amazing, especially Gary who came to my parent's house to put Aasti to sleep. The surgery has always been good to the cats and Gary was fantastic this evening.